Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Translation and Interpreting (English)


Our aim is to make positive difference by preparing the graduates of English Translation and Interpretation Department of İstinye University with advanced academic and professional knowledge and skills. We believe wholeheartedly that we will make a difference in the education of our students with our rich program and excited, ambitious and dynamic academic staff.

In terms of the working opportunities of the graduates from Translation and Interpretation Department, the general situation can be summarized as: Translators and interpreters can find a position in every sector where foreign language use and translation are needed. By beginning opening and running their own bureaus, translation companies, publishing firms, travel agents, film studios, media companies, magazine publishing houses and private companies in diverse fields are among the organizations offered employment opportunities. Additionally, they can find jobs at a variety of public institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have created our program by considering these employment areas. When you examine our program in terms of the content, you will notice that it was prepared with a vision to meet the needs of qualified and educated people of 21st century. Additionally, we have integrated the core courses of English Language Teaching Department into our program and we will give you a certificate of English Language Teaching. Furthermore, we target to teach the mandatory second foreign language at advanced level and offer the third foreign language as elective.

As you can see, a very original and multifaceted program is waiting for you. Would you like to look at the future hopefully with us and with this special program?