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The Faculty 

We live in a world where great transformations emerge quickly and leave a huge accumulation of knowledge behind. Our faculty aims to raise individuals who are researchers, entrepreneurs, who have high social skills and who update their academic and area specific knowledge by continuously questioning it in order to adapt to these transformations and understand this knowledge.


Dean’s Message

Prof. Dr. Ali Işık

Prof. Ali IŞIK, 

Faculty of Humanities and Sciences at Istinye University offers four-year undergraduate programmes in Psychology, Sociology, English Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Translation and Interpreting and Philosophy.

Our faculty aims at raising individuals who are qualified and competent in their fields, who update their academic and area specific knowledge by continously questioning it, who are researchers, entrepreneurs and who have high social skills. Our faculty members also internalize these objectives.

The courses in the programmes have been designed  on the basis of not only the needs of our students and but also those of shareholders. In addition to theoretical courses, by providing applied and laboratory courses, theoretical knowledge of our students is being enhanced. International academic and cultural collaborations, Bologna process and ERASMUS programmes help our students reach contemporary scientific knowledge.

The undergraduate courses in our Faculty are offered by faculty members who take active roles in various national and international projects especially programs of TUBITAK and EU. Being experts in their fields, our faculty members are considered to be our richness because of their competent  academic activities in national and international platforms along with their scientific studies and publications.  

In addition to theoretical and applied courses,  socio-cultural and scientific activities are being organised frequently in our campus to help our students and our graduates to be academically competent and sought after by the sector. Our students opportunities to reach to contemporary knowledge are enhanced through conferences, seminars and panels organised in our campus.   

It is envisaged that our faculty by raising qualified and competent individuals in life and social sciences will contribute to society, industry and universal science and will have an important role to play in converting our country’s young potential into a creative and visionary brain power.