Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


About the Department

Prof. Dr. Margorit Rita Krespi

Istinye University Psychology Department was established in 2017. Our department, which received its first students in 2017-2018 academic year, continues to offer education opportunities via its dynamic faculty members. The main purpose of our department is to provide students with contemporary evidence-based theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of psychology. Therefore, our faculty members consist of those who completed their studies in Turkey’s and Europe’s leading universities, specialize in different sub-areas of psychology such as Social, Health, Politic, Clinical Psychology and have national and international publication record in addition to their qualified educational activities. In the following years, our purpose is to recruit faculty members who are specialized in different subareas of psychology.


  • The curriculum is prepared on the basis of the accreditation criteria for Undergraduate Programs of the Turkish Psychological Association Psychology. Therefore, it meets all the requirements of a qualified Psychology Undergraduate Program. Within the scope of the curriculum, students will have the opportunity to take compulsory and elective courses related to different subareas of psychology, language-based elective courses and/or university elective courses related to different disciplines.


  • Internship is not compulsory within the scope of the curriculum. However, successful and motivated students will be guided in their attempts to find opportunity to make voluntary observations in institutions of their interest by considering every possible alternative  especially 25 years of accumulated and established system of the Medical Park and Liv Hospital chains.


  • In addition, through the applied courses within the scope of the curriculum, it is aimed to have graduates who have developed practical skills at the end of four-year undergraduate program and stand out with those skills among other psychology graduates. Also in this context, students will have the opportunity to conduct scientific research and turn their research into publications.