Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


About Department

Our department, which has set out with the purpose of being the representative and implementer of a new understanding, aims to implement a curriculum to acquire the traditional philosophy culture and using this culture to understand the present at the same time.

The survival of philosophy for thousands of years is closely related to its multifaceted relationship with the problems of all ages. Philosophy has also dealt with people, society and nature throughout the ages, and therefore has always been intertwined with the sciences. Artificial intelligence studies have been added to these fields, especially in relation to the field of logic. The strong academic staff at İstinye University supports our students to take courses from different disciplines in line with their interests, to do minor and double major, and to be trained as the philosophers of the future.

The traditional -critical- method that philosophy uses to understand problems and find solutions has been reshaped thanks to its increasingly deepening relationship with logic. With the education program it will implement, our department will encourage understanding the present and offering solutions to problems, and ultimately questioning the relationship between science-philosophy-human-society; aims to equip our graduates with skills that they can use in every field.