Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Istinye University offers four-year undergraduate programs in Psychology (Turkish and English), Sociology (English), Turkish Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation and Philosophy (Turkish).

Our faculty aims to educate researchers, and entrepreneurs with the necessary social skills, who are highly qualified in their fields. We aim to raise individuals who can question and regularly update their academic and field-specific knowledge. 

The curricula in our programs have been shaped around the needs of our stakeholders as well as our students. In our undergraduate programs, besides the theoretical courses, practice and laboratory courses are also provided, so that our students' theoretical knowledge is reinforced with applications. International opportunities such as academic and cultural collaborations abroad, the Bologna Process, and ERASMUS programs help our students to reach up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Undergraduate courses in our programs are given by academics who play an active role in various national and international projects, especially in TÜBİTAK and European Union framework programs. Our faculty members are highly competent with their work in national and international academic platforms. They are prominent members of their fields with their scientific research and publications and thus are among the most important assets of our school.

In addition to theoretical and applied courses, socio-cultural and scientific activities are frequently held on our campus so that our students and graduates can become intellectually competent individuals who become prominent members of their relevant sectors. Our students' contact with up-to-date information outside the curriculum is reinforced with conferences, seminars, and panels held on our campus.

Our programs will contribute to society, industry, and universal science by raising qualified and competent individuals in human and social sciences, and will play an important role in transforming the young potential of our country into creative and visionary brainpower.