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About the Department

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi. Ömer Ersin Kahraman, Bölüm Başkanı

With its most common definition, sociology is a field of study investigating the life, structure and development of human society. It dates back to ancient Greek as the first study field of philosophy even though it finds its way into humanities in academics in 19th century. Philosophic studies focus on society during the development of the society and its ethics suitable to new order and independent of Church and its organizations after Enlightenment especially as a conclusion of the transformation of economic and human structure due to Renaissance and Reform in Europe. Sociology is now a discipline which aims at pursuing these studies systematically. In this regard, it deals with wide range of problems such as how people transformed to societal situation from their natural condition, the ethical and legal basis that may appear when they live together, how economical relationships affect the structure of society, according to which laws the society changes within historical process, how visual and auditory aids affect the perceptions and tendencies of society.

Career Options in Sociology

The rapid increase in the number of graduates in certain disciplines and the rise of technical education led to a gradual decrease in the chance of finding a job between similarly trained graduates. Today, solution-oriented people who are aware of the current issues, able to think differently and interdisciplinary, interpret social and economic issues beyond the tools of econometrics, have an idea about how information technologies affect society are more needed than ever in universities and public and private sectors. Under these new conditions, as Istinye Sociology department, we offer a sociology education both for students with academic inclinations and for students who want to develop a career in various fields such as private sector, statistical institutions, NGOs, social services, political parties, advertising and public opinion researches. We sincerely believe that our graduates will gain a great advantage in their future careers as people who have the ability to think critically and approach the problems from different perspectives and we will be proud of their success in their professional fields.

Specialization Areas

Digital Society and Media

Consumption and Economics

City and Migration

Body and Gender

Identity and Power

Visual and Auditory Culture