Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Translation and Interpreting (English)

Message from the Head of Department

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Rahim Sarı

Dr. Rahim Sarı
Head of Department

Dear Students, if you say “I wish there was such a program that it would include the fields of English Language Teaching and English Language and Literature as well as Translation and Interpreting, and also offer the opportunity to learn a second foreign language, and even a third foreign language.”, let me give you the good news, there is such a program: Istinye University Department of Translation and Interpreting.

While we were creating the Department of Translation and Interpreting, we aimed for you to start life more advantageously and ahead after graduation. How?

You will take the basic courses of the Department of English Language Teaching each semester. When you are graduated, you will receive an English Language Teaching Certificate, which certifies all the courses you have taken in English language teaching and shows that you have sufficient equipment. In addition, within the framework of a program, you will gain experience in English Language Teaching by observing English lessons at all levels on site.

In addition, thanks to the basic courses of the Department of English Language and Literature in the program, you will be familiar with this field. Thanks to the Department of English Language and Literature added to the Translation and Interpreting program, you will be able to do a direct minor or double major if you wish.

In addition, you will take a second foreign language of your choice as a compulsory course for six semesters. In addition, you will be able to take a third foreign language as an elective course.

Moreover, when you are graduated, we would like to see you as an academic or teacher among us.

There is another important issue: You will find a warm, supportive academic environment in our department. We will always be inside you. Here you will be one of us, we are one of you, you will be in us and we will be inside you.

We aim for you to gain experience not only in the country but also abroad and to be individuals who can look at life from different perspectives. For this, we are continuing our efforts for you to complete a joint diploma with Erasmus + and universities abroad, and to complete a part of the program at that university.

In addition, with a holistic approach, you will always feel our support for your personal development not only academically, but as an individual, in the fields you are interested in.

Most importantly, you will always feel the support of the Department of Translation and Interpreting at Istinye University as individuals who take social responsibility by developing an attitude open to communication and learning, without prejudice against different language, race, gender, religion and social class groups that have adopted basic universal values.

As the Department of Translation and Interpreting, we want to head towards different horizons and make a difference with you. With an enriched program, we offer an understanding and environment that will support your continuous development not only academically but also in all aspects.

Would you like to go on this pleasant academic journey with us with an original program, a unique environment, and a young department?

We are waiting for you!

Istinye University Department of Translation and Interpreting