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Zafer Parlak

Zafer Parlak,  Dr.

Faculty Member

Dr. Parlak received his first BA from Bogazici University, the department of English Language and Literature. He received his second BA from Anadolu University, department of Economics, and his third BA degree from the department of International Relations. He completed the MA and PhD programs on American Culture and Literature at Ege University. He received his second MA degree from Beykent University, department of Management and Inspection of Education. He taught at six universities: Ege, Dokuz Eylul, Bogazici, Izmir Ekonomi, Izmir, and Istinye. He gave courses in the departments of international relations, American Culture and Literature, Western Languages and Literatures, Translation, and English Language Teaching. He conducted research and took part in field studies in several countries. In addition to his academic work, he has been an active volunteer in several non-governmental and voluntary organizations that focus on education and environment. He is active in outdoor sports and mountain biking. Currently he is a freshman at department of Public Relations and Advertising

Research Area: History of Turkish American Relations, Ethnic America, Native Americans, US Peace Corps, Language and Culture, Cultural Studies, Culture and Media, Eco-Criticism, Language Teaching, International Voluntary Organizations, Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship, Intercultural Relations and Linguistic Interactions, Missionaries in the Ottoman Empire

Main Areas: Dünya Dilleri ve Edebiyatları,  Amerikan Edebiyatı,  İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı,